Business-logic. Simplified.

LocoNoco is a business-logic platform that offers simplicity, re-usability, and portability in an era of smart, automated processes. It’s a proprietary framework that makes it possible for developers to work collaboratively on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), smart contracts, rules-based expert systems, and AI on a global scale.

Build faster and smarter with a full-blown ecosystem for Business-logic Units (BLUs).

The LocoNoco platform opens up a new ecosystem and economy where business-logic units (BLUs) are the currency.

Collaborate on a global scale by accessing our marketplace for BLUs.
Developers can build and monetize their work through new licensing models.

Intelligence built in to speed up and validate the quality of BLUs.

Ground-breaking contracting system and abstraction to work with any framework.

Self-healing and auto-standardization do the work for you.

Comes out-of-the-box with most of the BLUs you need up and running in 5 minutes.

Built for teams leading the next wave of digital transformation.

From E-Commerce to Healthcare to Finance, LocoNoco’s enterprise-grade platform helps you automate and turn “smart” a wide range of processes across many industries.

A Modern Framework For Modern Teams

LocoNoco’s cloud-native proprietary decision-making framework simplifies the entire process for developers and teams building decision-making applications.

Robotic Process Automation and AI-Driven

Solve the cold-start problems faced by modern organizations looking for AI and RPA transformation. LocoNoco provides the tools to build expert decision-making systems and evolve them into self-learning processes.

Simplified and Scalable Decision-Making

LocoNoco’s proprietary IDE, buildscript, and container make coding, deploying, and scaling business-logic a seamless process.

A New Economy

LocoNoco’s marketplace is a new economy for Business-logic developers looking to find, distribute, collaborate, and monetize their work.

Automate Everything.