Hi, We’re LocoNoco

We’re a team of decision-making application experts and AI scientists building the fastest platform
available to go from idea to working solution.

Mission & Vision

We want to empower business owners, developers and creatives alike. We believe that we can unleash creativity by making automation accessible and powerful.

Why we do this

We’re driven by decades of working on the digital transformations that enterprises of all sizes eventually have to face.


Today, impactful automations take months or years to build. We want to make all of the corner cases you can think of possible to solve faster and without big budgets.


Today, software deliverables are mostly inflexible to changing business requirements. We strive to make our platform and its units adaptable, portable and scalable.

Creative Control

Most software products are great at the proprietary “thing” they do. But business owners want to make it work better for “their” business, and we can help them get there.

Our Team

Jason Kim
VP of Product
Frederico Ramos
Software Lead
Rodrigo Medeiros
Software Engineer
Orlei Bicheski
Software Engineer
Zhenyu Guo
AI + Data Science Advisor
Xiang Gao
Design Lead
Esteban Aliverti
Technology Advisor
Mauricio Salatino
Technology Advisor
Alpar Nagy
Software Engineer
Todd Kesselman
Founder, CTO

Open Positions

Please take a look at the positions below. We’d love to talk with you!